Hi , I'm Tintu I like to .

A Human being living in planet earth. Exactly at this geographical location 9°55'21.2"N 76°23'57.8"E . Just like any other homo sapien out here I'm also searching for my destiny and meaning of life. For me life is all about building memories.

A curious kid in the world of great people.

I wish to be a student till my last breath. But I also wish to share every atom of knowledge I gained from this universe.

Software Developer

I love to teach dump machines (from smartphones to computers) to do things. I do code in C,C++,Java,php,javascript,node etc.[depends on my mood and requirement]. I'm thankful to those brains behind these beautiful Programming Languages because for the last many years those crowded text in black background called programs cater me[wish to do the same for some more years].

Teaching  Story Telling From The Bottom Of My Heart

I love to teach not like those boring leactures.I wish to teach the core concepts as simple as possible.I have a story for everything I've experienced in life.

Memories To Words

There will be some beautiful moments When our Heart start talking and brain stops interrupting it. Which is the best incubator for all my writings.

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Music is something which I can't live without[My colleagues know it well , when I irritate them with my murmerings]. I'm not a trained singer but I wish to sing as it gives me more happiness than anything..


Very sensitive when talking about relationships. I deal with two types of people in life. First one is those who have 'hi/bye' relationship with me and I kept them in my Short term memory. The secone one is those who have a place in my heart. And I will be very emotional if the ship of relationship shrinks.

A Believer

You may be disagree with me if you are an Athiest. I may be failed to prove this in a laboratory; but I believe in GOD. [ Not interested..?? we have millions of other topics to dicuss , cool buddy.]

Contact Me

If there's something I can help you with, feel free to ask. I'll be happy to help you

Tintu C Raju, Chottanikkara P.O
Ernakulam/Kerala/India 682312

E: me@tintu.in
T: 8301888249

You can send me any query regarding your programming doubts , project requirements , career guidance support, youtube video topics etc. You can also comment on my youtube channel for video requests.